Customer Charter

Al Mustanad Businessmen Services VIP “Tasheel” seeks to provide premium services to achieve customer satisfaction and overrun their expectation

Our commitment to you

  • Meeting you respectfully
  • Fulfilling your needs by trained and qualified employees
  • providing clear information
  • Provide our services to you through various channels
  • Obtaining premium service, high quality
  • Fulfilling your requests without any delay within an appropriate period.
  • Decreasing the procedures to provide you quick and easy service
  • We will be happy to receive all your propositions and complaints which lead to promote the quality of services

Your commitment to us

  • Appreciating employees’ efforts in servicing you by mutual respecting with them.
  • provide supporting documents
  • Preparing the required documents in advance to complete transaction
  • Notify us as soon as possible of any mistakes or amendment in information
  • Notify us about any change in personal details or conditions related to complete your service
  • Reply to inquiries of our customer service team to serve you in better way and on time


  • To be integrated center by 2020 to fulfill all requirements of customers in high quality

Our Motto

  • ((Your happiness is the goal of our working))

    You can contact us directly through Al Mustanad Businessmen Services VIP – Tasheel
    Toll free : 8001716 - official working hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm (Saturday – Thursday)
    Web site: